Writing Your Design Brief

The Design Brief is a written document that we believe is super critical to the success of any project.  Click HERE to download our Design Brief template to get you started!

Don’t worry, you won’t get everything 100% first time - these documents are a ‘live’ document - they change as your design evolves.  But it’s great to get yourself to sit down and put words around what you would like to achieve and why.

A few pointers about the Design Brief:

1. You Don’t Need All the Answers

Sometimes, just knowing what your questions are is more important.  For example, you want to get lots of natural light, but you don’t know how to achieve that with your block.  For us, the important information is - you want lots of natural light.  We can solve the problem of how to deliver that to you.

2.  The Design Brief Evolves

The Design Brief is not a frozen document, filed away in a drawer and forgotten about once the first drawing is done.  We build on it, expand it and update it regularly throughout your design process.  This is a great check to ensure the goals of your project are being met, the new goals are being expressly recorded and things like budget and timeframe are being managed.

3.  Don’t Tie Yourself up in Knots

If you find writing this document really hard, then put it down and go spend some time looking at some inspirational imagery.  If writing the brief isn’t your strong suit, keep it short and simple - try a brain dump of words rather than clear sentences.

Under ‘Look and Feel’ write:

‘light’ ‘connected’ ‘natural’ ‘simple’ ‘family life’ - in our design workshops we will extrapolate the important information from this and translate that meaningfully into your design.

You can also refer to our blog on Pinterest and using imagery to inspire your brief if that helps.  This might get the creative juices flowing about the potential of your project.  Check it out here.

Don't forget to download our Design Brief template HERE