M O R N I N G S I D E   T O W N H O U S E S

The Morningside Townhouses are an urban infill project for land that under Brisbane's new town planning scheme, is available for medium to higher density development.  With dramatic views of Brisbane's CBD and a gently sloping site, the living areas and main bedrooms are planned to take advantage of the aspect.  Facing west, moveable screens allows for the inhabitants to control late afternoon sun exposure to the living areas.  Robust, raw finishes applied on a modern 'box like' building forms provide a strong industrial feel and also reduce maintenance for the owner.

Natural light and ventilation is considered to each level with verandahs to the front and rear of each unit.  The central units are planned with clerestory windows to provide light and the opportunity for natural ventilation to centralised bathrooms and stairwells - typically the worst spaces inside a bookended townhouse.

The dwelling to the street is retained in its' existing location with a second level planned at the lower level.  Sensitively planned additions retain the existing home's character, while providing the amenity expected in modern homes.