O Z   S K I   R E S O R T   C L U B H O U S E

The Oz Ski Resort is a water ski school located in Coolum on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.  The facility brief included the need for the building to be deconstructed for reuse at the end of its life, minimal site interference, rigid budget parameters and to be of a robust  and low maintenance finish .  The building has two pavilions – a clubhouse that includes a café, club facilities and shop, and a recovery centre, including gym, training pool and consultant rooms.  The centre caters for use by sporting teams and individuals.  The building is oriented to capture the expansive views over the lake and create a central gathering space for the large site.  Completed late 2014, the project was highly collaborative with Maytree Studios working directly with a pre-selected builder and the client during design and documentation.