Rebecca Caldwell
Andy Keefe
Alisha Bouris
Rebecca Caldwell

Owner, Architect, Interior Designer
M.Arch (QUT), Dip Int Des (CSIT), AIA Member

Conscious everyday actions underpin the practice of Maytree Studios’ founder. Rebecca’s mindful approach to design marries ethics and social responsibility with the vibrancy of contemporary architecture. She believes that when both of these things are in harmony, architecture and design can have a positive impact on clients and their quality of life after a project. 

During her career, Rebecca has worked on a vast array of projects, ranging from boutique residential through to international commercial practice. In addition to leading the Maytree team, she is actively involved in eery project design architect.

As an advocate of human-focused design, Rebecca strives to ensure her work provides outcomes that are accessible, affordable and relatable. She sees architecture as a means to communicate who we are as a society and takes great joy in playing a direct role in telling these stories.

Andy Keefe

Project Architect

M.Arch (QUT), AIA member

Andy believes everyone has an inherent desire to create. For him, this inclination manifests in the design of spaces with purpose. He believes that in a time where everything is becoming a commodity, a slower, more considered design process brings even greater meaning to the spaces we inhabit. 

A detail-orientated Architect, Andy has almost ten years of experience in architecture. He has worked on a diverse range of projects including aged care, offices and schools, as well as residential. 

Andy places equal emphasis on every step of the journey between an initial idea and a complete built form. That’s because he understands that each new challenge and each new constraint is an opportunity to bring out the gold in a design. It’s this drive to fully understand and meet the objectives of a project that ensures he is always on the same page as our clients.

Alisha Bouris

Interior Designer
Bachelor of Design - Interior Design (Hons 2) (QUT), AIA Member

With a background in fashion, graphic design and interior styling, Alisha’s keen eye for detail shines through in her interior design work at Maytree Studios. Her diverse practice encompasses joinery, custom product design and furniture selection. 

Building relationships with her clients to understand their stories and how they live, work and play is key to her practice. Driven by the process of bringing a vision to life, Alisha lives for the moment when a client experiences a space for the first time. She is also a keen design hunter with a knack for discovering emerging designers as well as new materials and technologies.  

Alisha’s design philosophy aligns with simplicity and timelessness. She strives to create interiors that shy away from trend-driven design and focus instead on the people who will use the space.